My Coronavirus Helping Box for children (download book)

Ana Gomez is a child therapist and an EMDR practitioner extraordinaire. With all the changes and stress we have all been trying to come to terms with, Ana wrote a book that can help us explain the virus to children.

Ana is offering pdf version of the book for free, because she is an amazing human! If you need help explaining what is going on in the world right now to the children in your life, please use this free resource. Ana invites you to share it with anyone you might know that would benefit for it.

Thank you Ana!

Click the Download link below to access the pdf:

‘Everything spiralled out of control’ – a firefighter’s story of being saved from PTSD

When firefighters head inside burning buildings, they always do it in twos. Mark Schofield, a veteran fireman from Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, has been doing this for years, and it’s about as close to a medieval conception of Hell as any of us will ever experience. 

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Quick Coherence® Technique

Create a coherent state in about a minute with the simple, but powerful steps of the Quick Coherence® Technique. Using the power of your heart to balance thoughts and emotions, you can achieve energy, mental clarity and feel better fast anywhere. Use Quick Coherence especially when you begin feeling a draining emotion such as frustration, irritation, anxiety or anger. Find a feeling of ease and inner harmony that’s reflected in more balanced heart rhythms, facilitating brain function and more access to higher intelligence. Continue reading “Quick Coherence® Technique”